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Pharma Science Products:

  • Actiflax™
  • Capolis™
  • CarnoSure™
  • CurQmin™
  • GlucoCinn™
  • LYCOmplete™
  • OcLutein™
  • PhytoStat™
  • PoliStat™
  • Pureolin™
  • Tri-imune™

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Who We Are

Marco Hi-Tech’s JV, LLC is one of the leading suppliers of nutritional and dietary supplements because we provide quality, bulk raw materials and clinically-proven, effective ingredients. We have also become the largest distributor of Green Tea Extract in North America and we have been instrumental in driving the nutraceutical marketplace. Marco Hi-Tech has an established and trusted record offering safe, beneficial and well-researched ingredients.

AminoMelon - All-American Super Fruit
Tea under microscope
Tea under microscope

Product Offerings

Marco Hi-Tech has the ability to supply any custom-formatted herbal extracts and specialty products at a very competitive price. We have focused our sourcing capabilities on assisting formulations that will assist consumers searching for healthy and safe supplements related to weight loss, sports/energy, women’s health, joint care and overall wellness.

The Products We Specialize In:

  • MHT Chondroitin - Glucosamine
  • Green Tea - Sunphenon™
  • Reducol®
  • Pharma Science High Potency™ Products
  • Huperzine A (patented)
  • Cranberry Extracts and Solids
  • PureWay-C™